Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities

Companies and institutions need innovative ideas and insights are required to manage the challenges of investing and operating globally across multiple currencies, interest rate environments and regulatory jurisdictions. Bank of America's world class sales team leverages in-depth market knowledge to offer capabilities across currencies and interest rates, offering solutions to companies and institutions in India and around the world. The bank's experienced trading professionals provide liquidity in the markets and share insights to help clients better manage risk.

Currency solutions

Bank of America provides foreign exchange solutions to top-tier Indian corporations, multinational companies and financial institutions, with a proven track record in executing large, complex transactions and managing large-ticket capital flows. Bank of America is also a leading market maker for various cross-currency swaps, allowing you to hedge assets and liabilities denominated in across currencies.

Interest rate solutions

A leading primary dealer in government securities, Bank of America offers trading capabilities across bonds, Indian rupee rate derivatives and structured solutions. The bank also provides customized derivative solutions for hedging long-term liabilities.

Credit solutions

Bank of America's credit solutions offer timely, bespoke financing solutions to help clients meet specific liability and asset management objectives. The depth and breadth of investor and issuer relationships the bank offers is unmatched by others. In addition, the bank's dedicated operations team maintains high standards of compliance, efficiency and focus in seamlessly serving clients.