Global Transaction Services

Bank of America delivers market leading transaction banking solutions, including information reporting and analytics, backed by direct clearing capabilities on all paper and electronic clearing platforms in India. This allows the bank to fulfil clients' working capital and liquidity needs, offering greater visibility, efficiency, automation and control. The bank also provides comprehensive solutions for meeting day-to-day working capital requirements across treasury management and trade finance, backed by its world-class client servicing infrastructure.

Efficient payment processing

  • Along with timely processing of clients' international and domestic payments (paper, electronic and statutory), Bank of America offers online payment initiation capabilities through CashPro®Online. This provides a secure and efficient platform for flexible initiation, approval, access and management of transactions from virtually anywhere in the world.

Automated receivables management

  • Bank of America's solutions help clients optimize Day's Sales Outstanding (DSO) by efficiently managing paper receipts through timely collection, warehousing and efficient clearing. Clients can optimize electronic receipts management through the bank's Virtual Accounts and NACH debit solutions, which feature enhanced data capture and reporting capabilities.

Trade services and trade finance

  • Bank of America offers specialized global trade expertise and technology designed for corporates and financial institutions. It helps clients manage working capital more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase visibility. The bank's solutions include Letters of Credit, Receivable Finance, Supply Chain Finance and Banker's Acceptance, offered through our award winning CashPro TradeTM platform.

Account and liquidity management

  • Bank of America's clients can access local in-country Indian Rupee (INR) and foreign currency (EEFC) accounts, and the bank has the ability to link to the world's major clearing systems to offer passive and active term deposit options for earning interest on short-term surplus INR balances. The bank provides enhanced visibility and control of group-wide liquidity with local and regional resident/non-resident account structures and sweep solutions, using our online information reporting capability.

Award-winning customer service

  • Bank of America is committed to providing clients world-class services and fulfillment experience. This includes simplifying documentation, providing flexible service options, helping you monitor your accounts against unexpected events, and maintaining quality performance.